Providence Academy Site Redevelopment

Proposed Providence Academy Site Redevelopment Plan

As one of the most historically significant buildings in the Pacific Northwest, The Historic Trust is seeking to revitalize the Providence Academy site through activation and vibrant redevelopment.

The Guiding Principles The Trust adopted as a framework for the redevelopment plan are:

  • Preservation: Preserve the Providence Academy building and landscape within a viable mixed-use urban campus
  • Compatibility: New construction and additions should be compatible, while differentiated from the historic Providence Academy building
  • Fiscal Sustainability: Redevelopment and improvements on the Providence Academy site should be fiscally self-supporting
  • Safety and Code Compliance: Preservation and redevelopment shall seek to enhance the safety and code compliant elements of the buildings and site
  • Stakeholders and Public Benefit: Redevelopment and improvements will consider community, tenant, donor, and stakeholder input, and provide for public benefits

Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback April 17 – May 1.

Next Steps:  The Academy Advisory Team is reviewing feedback from stakeholder interviews, the City of Vancouver, the Clark County Historic Preservation Commission, and the community comments submitted at the open house and on our website.

The Academy Advisory Team will then recommend changes based on the feedback provided and the project’s Guiding Principles–Preservation, Compatibility, Fiscal Sustainability, Safety and Code Compliance, and Stakeholder and Public Benefit.

Stay tuned for updates!

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